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Restoration Strategies for Radioactive Contaminated Ecosystems (RESTORE) Nuclear Fission Safety Programme E.2: Restoration of severely contaminated territories

Spatial Analysis of Vulnerable Ecosystems (SAVE)

Evaluation and network of EC-decision support systems in the field of terrestrial radioecological research (EVANET-TERRA)

Decision tools to aid sustainable restoration and long-term management of contaminated agricultural ecosystems (STRATEGY)

Southern Urals Radiation Risk Research (SOUL)

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Impact of climatic changes on the biosphere (German Governmental project)

Strategies and Guidance for Establishing a Practical Radiation Protection Culture in Europe in Case of Long Term Radioactive Contamination after a Nuclear Accident (SAGE)
Dipl.-Phys. Franz Wagner,
Physicist, Reactor Physics,
Radiation Protection,
Medical physics...
cognitive radioecology
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